Himalayan crystal salt is an ancient and well respected food product in the East, and while it might be new to some in the North American market, it’s quickly gaining popularity because of its health benefits and flavorful taste.
ImageSmart Choice™ Himalayan crystal salt was formed more than 250 million years ago before ships, cars, oil spills and garbage polluted our ocean and air. It is in its original form evaporated from the primal ocean by the light/heat energy of the sun.  Its precious geometrical structure in its crystallized colloidal state is achieved through millions of years of intense tectonic pressure so that all the elements it offers are readily absorbed by the body to be metabolized by the human cells, offering enumerable health benefits.     

Take a look at this table showing some of the differences between the different kinds of salt we now have available.  You’ll quickly see why Smart Choice Himalayan Crystal Salt is THE smart choice.


Table SaltSea SaltSmart Choice™ Himalayan Crystal Salt
Made of 97.5% sodium chloride and 2.5% chemicals, including iodine Made from the salt of the sea – but our waters contain increasing levels of mercury and other industrial pollutants. Contains all 84 natural elements that are found in your body, and assists the body in generating hydroelectric energy.
Dried at over 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, altering the chemical structure.   Matured under tectonic pressure for 250 million years.
“Chemically cleaned” before packaging. Up to 89% of producers now “chemically clean” their sea salt. Mined by hand and hand-washed. Never exposed to environmental pollutants.
Requires large amounts of energy to metabolize. Minerals are not easily absorbed by the body. Colloidal elements are easily absorbed, and help with food absorption and blood sugar balance

Image The simple truth is that table salt is an unnatural product that doesn’t belong in our body. While sea salt is a better choice than table salt, it has not escaped from pollutions in our ocean.  Smart Choice™ Himalayan crystal salt, on the other hand, is in its wholesome unaltered and unpolluted state which creates health by replenishing the body’s natural elements, leading to a state of balance in all of the body’s system.  When you understand the facts about Himalayan salt, it is easily understood why Smart Choice Himalayan crystal salt is THE smart choice.

What will your choice be?  Smart Choice™ perhaps?


SaltHimalayan crystal salt comes from the dried up primal sea. This salt itself is 250 million years old. It contains the 84 naturally occurring trace minerals & elements that our bodies are comprised of. Smart Choice™ Himalayan crystal salt is stone-ground, hand-extracted and hand-washed with no heat processing. Unlike refined salt, it is completely uncontaminated by toxins or pollutants, making it absolutely the purest salt available on earth.

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